March 5, 2017

A damp wind blew through my first layer of clothes this morning as I was setting up the hose to water the greenhouse plants. Even though it was blustery in the morning, it is a southeast wind, promising a mild day with spring-like conditions. I swear I hear it communicating to me. The wind is powerful, capable of lightly rustling leaves on the trees in a gentle morning breeze or wielding destruction on grand scales capable of uprooting centuries-old oak trees like garden weeds. It is wise to listen to her messages.

The morning wind carried the sound of travelers who have come home. A lone sandhill crane called out for a response.  A crow answered with a welcome, for she has been waiting all winter for someone to greet. From the field south of our house, I hear a red-winged blackbird, his song carries on the morning breeze, announcing to all challengers that he has located a small corner of the world to raise his offspring. Needing only a partner to complete his story, he sings a song of spring to attract her. The wind brings me his song this morning.

I inhale a slightly pungent aroma carried on the morning breeze. The distinct smell of rotting plant material tells me that the soil is awakening. Soon she will house an entire ecosystem of plants, insects, bacteria, and others that will all work to exhale oxygen and sequester carbon. I will breath in that oxygen, converting it to thoughts of gratitude. I will exhale an offering that the wind will return to them to complete our symbioses.

I hear the wind in the trees. The trees alter its trajectory slightly, so that each tree experiences the wind in a slightly different way. I realize that I too experience a slightly altered message from the wind as every being and every structure that the wind touches, slightly alters its profile so that when I feel its presence on my face this morning, I am not just feeling the wind, but rather I am feeling the influence of all who have been touched by the wind before me. I am humbled before this thought, and in that moment, I truly understand the message in the wind.

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