March 12, 2017

I experienced a kind of dissonance this morning. Sure we set our clocks forward, and when I awoke around 6a from the sun shining through our bedroom window, ready to face the day with a nice early start, I was taken back when I realized it was already 7a by civil standards. Technically, I had slept in. My body was still on CST, but my clock was on CDT. That, however, was not where I experienced my dissonance.

I headed downstairs to workout for a bit, and then went outside to do the morning chores. First, I fed the chickens and then moved on to the greenhouses to water the plants. The sun was shining brightly, but more obvious to me, was that it was shining almost directly overhead of our East-West road. In the winter, the sun hangs so low in the South, that it casts longer shadows all day long. Also, because the light travels through more atmosphere, there is a slight reddish hue about it, not sunset red, but the light is different. Moreover, the sky, to me, is a different hue of blue in winter.

Today, the sky was summer blue, and I could feel the intensity of the sun’s heat on my face. I heard red-winged blackbirds all around me in the meadows, claiming territory for their future families and robins flitted about in front of me as I did my work. Even the job of watering the greenhouse had the feel of late spring. Everything was perfect except one small detail. It was cold, really cold this morning. My hands ached from being exposed to the brisk morning air, and I was bundled in my winter coat, thinking of the coffee that I would be drinking when my work was done. Not only is it cold, we are expecting a winter storm this evening, complete with accumulating snow.

With the equinox a little over a week away, we will see the promise of the season all around. The sun will set later each day for the next few months, and flowers will bloom in a symphony of color, celebrating our collective renewal. All of nature is reborn. Second chances abound, and that is one of the reasons I feel such joy in spring, even when nature’s signs seem incongruent on a late winter morning in March. Until spring arrives in its entirety, though, I will take old advice regarding weather in the Midwest: If you don’t like the weather today, just wait a couple of days. It will change.

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