May 6, 2019

We are expecting a drying trend next week, and we should be able to empty out some of our greenhouses then, as we transplant our crops into our fields. Several of our summer markets have started up this week. We will be at Rockford Edgebrook on Wednesday, and we can be found in Beloit, Morton Grove, and Kenosha this Saturday.

We are expecting to have lots of spinach, flour, pickles in Wisconsin, and plant starts for summer gardens. Also, we still have CSA openings for 2019 summer shares.
The beginning of summer market season is a milestone in our year, and we look forward to it every year. It is our time to reconnect with people we haven’t seen since October. Winter is a time for reflection and to spend time with those closest to us. Spring is a time to reunite with our community. Just as the birds return to us in spring to speak of their travels, we return to our community to exchange stories and establish the relationships that mutually support farms and the people who rely on their farms. It is the same with the natural world around us.

When the birds return to us in the spring, they sing songs of joy from lands traveled and requiems for loved ones who were unable to make the journey home.  We celebrate with them when they sing of joy and mourn for their losses, for we too have experienced great joy at times and tremendous sorrow in others. Spring reminds us that with every winter, there is hope. In winter, we mourn the end of the season. We cherish summer as the apex of our year. It is good to live in summer when the crickets and coyotes sing at night and the sun kisses our sleepy faces in the morning, but in the spring, we are reminded that summer emerges only after winter has ravished the world with its cold beauty.  

We realize that nothing is permanent, and that is beautiful. Without the contrast of the two seasons, we could never appreciate summer. Spring allows us to experience the victory of summer over winter.  We are not alone. The natural world celebrates this with us. Soon the world around us will be full of life and awareness. Birth and growth will dominate over death and decay. Our days will be filled with the dance of the honey bee and hummingbird, and our nights will be filled with the lullaby of the wind blowing in the boughs of the trees, brought to us on moonbeams through our bedroom window.  We will then awaken in the morning, renewed from our slumber, and begin our chosen service of growing healthy food for our community.   

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