January 29, 2017

I miss summer. Since it’s still January, I don’t really have a reasonable expectation for nicer weather, but I see no reason to let that stop me. I enjoy the seasons, but the lack of sunlight lately has me longing for summer days in the field and Saturday mornings at market where people stop by on their way to other commitments just to say good morning. I miss Thursday evenings when the farm is bustling with activity as people pick up their shares and others come to work for a few hours. The warmth of summer seems so distant in January. The winter season, however, has not run its course, and so we survive on memories of warmer days until spring.

To try to lift my spirits this morning, I went for a run. I like bicycling more, but I wasn’t in the mood to dig out the winter gear for a blustery ride. Frequently I ride long distances in the summer, but today, I wanted to remain closer to home. Perhaps it was the flurries or maybe it was the the thought of the warm shower I planned to take when I got home, but in any case I chose to go for a short run. Sometimes I start out thinking that I will only run a little ways, and I get in a rhythm where I run for several miles. That didn’t happen today.

I got about a mile from the house when the north wind blowing in my nose caused my nostril to swell shut. This meant I had to breath through my mouth completely, which didn’t allow me to breath  humid air into my lungs. Moreover, I was starting to get a chill, even while I ran, and the snow flurries were pelting me in face. At this point, it probably sounds like I was having a horrible time, and the answer would be yes–and no.

The cold convinced me that I would only run a short route today, but being outside lifted my spirits. As I ran past the fields near our farm, I remembered that everything has a season. Of course I would feel joy if I were out in the summer sun, picking and eating berries, but I realized that it would be difficult to truly appreciate such a day without ever experiencing a day like today. It was not that today was bad. In fact I am grateful for today because without it, I may not appreciate some of the other days in my life fully. Besides, winter will not last forever, and warmer weather is coming.

The good news is that based on our workload, spring is quickly approaching. In about two weeks, we will begin heating the greenhouses for our early plant starts. Moreover, this coming Saturday, February 4, we will be at the Civic Center in Morton Grove, IL on Saturday and Milaegers Great Lakes Farmers Market in Racine, WI on Sunday with fresh produce from our farm. Because produce is captured sunshine, we look forward to bringing a little of the sun to markets in winter. At least that and seeing some summer people at market, even if they are bundled in winter clothes, will chase away my cabin fever for a week or two.

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