April 7, 2019

A mourning dove sings a soulful song into the light southerly wind this morning as I sit at the keyboard, drinking my coffee and preparing to write. To me, it is a soulful song that is shared for all who walk on the barren soil of spring. Its message resonates in my heart on this early April morning, reminding me of days behind me and roads I have traveled. It affects me with great power and force, filling my heart with deep emotion before escaping through my eyes in a release of joy and gratitude.

In the winter, I tend to look back, evaluating my life and examining my actions against my purpose. I ask whether or not I have I lived the life I intended to live, with purpose and meaning. It is also a time of reflection where I note the impermanence of life while appreciating the moments of clarity that are granted in those encounters with adversity and even death. It is in winter that I cannot ignore the transience of all life, allowing me to deeply understand and appreciate not only the precariousness of life, but also the preciousness of its existence. It is simply beautiful.

In the spring, life is abundant, and the world is of full hope. My consciousness switches from looking back to gazing forward. As life teems in every corner of my world now, I participate in a timeless cycle, one of rebirth and renewal. Each cycle is built from the completion of the previous season. I see this as I till in the plant material from last year. This year’s crop will quite literally grow from the crops that have grown before.  I see that I am who I am, because of those who came before me. I am a continuation of a never-ending cycle.

As I listen to the dove, I know that I will soon be dancing to another song. As the wind blows through the boughs of the trees, a chorus of creatures and plants will join in, from the frogs and crickets to the orioles and bees, singing the song of summer in unity. The rain will pound the earth, providing percussion. Hummingbirds will dance with the dragonflies in choreographed aerial displays of moving art, while I dance with abandon with the squirrels, deer, and children, celebrating not only this season of life, but also the ones that have preceded today that have given me and the world around me the gift of today.

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